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1 More Heartbreaking Reason for in-depth Screening of Caregivers and Medical Staff

Choosing a homecare service can be a complicated task. Families looking for someone to care for their elderly loved ones are filled with doubts, most commonly about the caregivers themselves and whether they can be trusted.

As the business that provides those caregivers, it is your responsibility to guarantee every candidate’s level of experience, their ability and willingness to perform their job, and also their good moral character. It is your responsibility to make sure every candidate you employ is kind, trustworthy, and fit to be a caregiver in someone’s home.

The Cedalius Group specializes in providing comprehensive background and screening research, including license and credential verifications for caregivers. Many companies out there don’t have the necessary resources to do a thorough background check on their employees. Our in-depth screening process covers everything from employment to driver’s license verification, and possibly areas you never thought you could check.

Charles and Katsu Bradley of Tacoma, Wash., were well into their 80s and suffering from different levels of dementia when they hired a home health aide to help with their daily tasks.

Within a year, the Bradley’s were bankrupted by the home care worker, who drained their bank accounts, applied for a reverse mortgage on the family home, purchased a new home for herself in Charles Bradley’s name and stole all of Katsu Bradley’s jewelry. All told, the thief bilked the Bradley’s of nearly $300,000.

Unknowingly, the Bradleys had hired a convicted criminal to watch over them. The couple died within a month of each other in the summer of 2008, weeks after the caregiver’s scheme was uncovered.

The Bradleys’ three children now live with the regret that they allowed their parents to open their home to someone who seemed caring and dedicated but in reality had a single goal: to take everything the Bradleys worked so hard for all their lives.

“Had we known about [the caregiver’s] past, had we done a background check on her, we would have had some inkling of her nature and her background,” says Carol Moye, one of the Bradley’s daughters. The caregiver had been convicted of petty theft three years earlier, but “she enamored herself to my father and did pull the wool right over our eyes.” (Who’s Helping Your Parents?, http://www.aarp.com.)

There are too many heartbreaking stories out there about professional caregivers neglecting or taking advantage of their charges. Drained savings accounts, missing property or unexplained bruises are all too common in the news today. Care providers are quickly learning of the liabilities they face and need to make adjustments to satisfy their responsibilities and minimize the risks they face. Most of these unfortunate incidents can be avoided with thorough, in-depth background screenings.

One less incident like this is worth the time and money it takes to conduct a proper background check. The Cedalius Group has all of the necessary resources to provide you with detailed accounts of any candidate’s background, including references, schooling, professional experience, employment history, criminal history and so much more. Take action today to ensure your home care services are provided by honest, trustworthy candidates. Proactively consider your obligation to protect the welfare of your clients. Contact The Cedalius Group today to assist you in providing caregivers of the highest caliber, and protect the integrity of your staff and organization’s reputation.

* Ramnarace, C. (2009, September 29). Who’s Helping Your Parents? aarp.org. Retrieved October 30, 2013 from http://www.aarp.com.

For more information, visit The Cedalius Group online, or call us directly at (404) 963-9862.

The Cedalius Group offers insight into the background screening industry for educational purposes.  We always recommend you consult with your legal counsel to determine practices that best suit your business needs.

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