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Norah Cheffon Of The Cedalius Group Completes NAPBS FCRA Certification

The Cedalius Group, the leading provider of comprehensive background screening, is proud to announce that Norah Cheffon – Director of Business Development – has completed his FCRA Certification Program offered by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Norah is a welcome recent addition to The Cedalius Firm. He brings an aggressive and insightful business acumen to The Cedalius Group. He has invested the last ten years to the client services arena, including hospitality, high-end sales, and background screening. Norah has held previous positions with industry firms including LexisNexis Risk Solutions and First Advantage. He is responsible for the business growth of the company through sales, marketing, and relationship building. His customer-centric approach to business partnerships creates long lasting relationships that reinforce trust. Norah’s vision includes a focus on the growth of the enterprise and on client care.

The Basic FCRA Certification sets the standard for understanding the complex laws that impact background screening under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The Basic Certification Program was created for background screening professionals in leadership positions and those who set compliance policy for their enterprise.  The Certification Program consists of the following:

  • The FCRA concepts and terminology
  • The five basic duties of consumer reporting agencies under the FCRA.
  • The basic rights and duties of end users, furnishers, resellers and consumers under the FCRA.
  • Consumer litigation and regulatory enforcement actions under FCRA.
  • Principal state law variants of the FCRA and addresses the interplay between the FCRA and state variants.

The NAPBS was formed in 2003 to promote ethical business practices, compliance with the FCRA, equal employment opportunity, and state and international consumer protection laws relating to the background screening profession.

Due to the ever-changing laws and provisions at the federal level that affect the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the FCRA Certification is valid for a two-year period, after which time Norah will complete a re-certification of these credentials.

“Norah brings a wealth of contributions to The Cedalius Group and its clients,” states owner and Executive Director of Operations, Carl Diaz.  “The Cedalius Group, as always, is committed to delivering superior service and results to our clients and we believe this level of certification best equips us to support our clientele.  We are proud of Norah’s achievements and look forward to his continued success.”

About The Cedalius Group

The Cedalius Group, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a longstanding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, delivering employment and background screening, credentialing and vetting services to its clients. It is the recipient of the 2013 Business of the Year award and the 2014 Best of Atlanta Business Award. The Cedalius Group prides itself in providing cutting-edge technology and delivering accurate and in-depth research.  The Cedalius Group offers superior customer service, expertise, and in-depth employment background screening experience. The Cedalius Group is the background screening provider you can trust.

The Cedalius Group offers insight into the background screening industry for educational purposes.  We always recommend you consult with your legal counsel to determine practices that best suit your business needs.

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