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2016 Alzheimer’s Music Fest

The Cedalius Group is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 5th annual Alzheimer’s Music Fest in Duluth, Georgia, and we would love to tell you a little bit about it.

Vince Zangaro never intended to be a family caregiver.  In his early 20s, he had a good job with Hot Topic, a retail chain known for selling pop culture accessories and t-shirts; by the age of 25, he was promoted to Regional Recruiter, a position that allowed him to travel all over the country, meeting interesting people and trouble-shooting other stores in the chain.

But in 2001, Vince’s mother passed away at the age of 55, devastating Vince and his father.  Vince moved in with his “Pops,” so that the two of them could help each other find their feet again.  Four years later, everything changed again when Pops was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 62.

Vince quit his job and became his dad’s primary caregiver.  He also started researching everything he could find to learn more about this disease and how to care for someone suffering from it; the biggest lesson he learned was that help is often very difficult to find.

After struggling alone for about six years, Vince finally started being more vocal about the need for Alzheimer’s awareness and resources in his community.  At the same time, he started pouring his experiences into his music, which has always been important to him.  He wrote for about a year and a half on the subjects of drug addiction, Alzheimer’s, and the joys and sorrows of being a family caregiver.  Ultimately, he took to the recording studio to channel that music into albums that others might benefit from.  His song and accompanying video, “Better Man,” depicts the realities of a day in the life of an Alzheimer’s family.

As he began to listen and hear the stories of others in the same situation as his and Pops, he realized that the need for help went far beyond just his own household.  He began looking into where the funds went when other organizations held charitable events and fundraisers for Alzheimer’s, and was disheartened by what he discovered.  Rather than giving up, though, he channeled that frustration into the formation of his own event for Alzheimer’s awareness, and the Alzheimer’s Music Fest was born.

The first event took place in July 2013 at the 120 Tavern & Music Hall in Marietta, GA.  It cost about $2000 to put together and ended up raising $10,000.  Vince managed this by partnering with others who have a passion for helping people with dementia.  All of the bands play for free, and the profits from fundraising beforehand, ticket sales, and the silent auction held the day of the event go directly to Alzheimer’s families to provide them with much-needed education, resources, medical equipment, and respite care.  Vince partners with Caring Together in Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to ensure that net funds are used appropriately and to their fullest benefit.

The 2016 event is slated for Saturday, August 6, and it will be held at the Red Clay Music Foundry from 2pm to 11pm.  Some of the bands confirmed for the show include Gurufish, Copious Jones, Glenn Phillips, and recent The Voice competitor Peyton Parker, with hosting from local Atlanta Comedian Angela Miller.  Vince’s band, Zangaro, will also perform.  Tickets are available now at for $20 and will be available the day of the event at the door for $25.

We at The Cedalius Group are proud to have a hand in sponsoring for this great cause in our local community.  Please join us on August 6th for a fun day of comedy and music to support Alzheimer’s awareness and the families who are affected by this terrible disease.  Call us at 404.963.9862 or email for more information.