Use of Accurate and Legally Compliant Information

The use of accurate and legally compliant background information is now a requirement of most
businesses and institutions. In-depth personnel screening has become a necessary pre-requisite for
virtually any employment position covering institutional, residential, insurance and financial

Whether it involves the hourly workforce, administrative staff, board member positions, franchise
ownership, screening is the first step in considering a candidate.

Organizations need to protect their assets, earnings and reputations. Use of screening programs help
insure this and enhances the protection of the candidate pool.

Engagement based on an educated decision is ideal and cost effective. The challenge is to select a
qualified, certified, accredited Consumer Reporting Agency that places information accuracy, ethics and
cost-effectiveness as priority objectives.

Recently, The National Association of Professional Background Screeners presented an overview
illustrating the Consumer Benefits of reputable Consumer Reporting Agencies The process is provided
here for your review.

The Cedalius Group offers insight into the background screening industry for educational purposes.  We always recommend you consult with your legal counsel to determine practices that best suit your business needs.