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Starbucks in Hot Water Over Background Checks?

America’s favorite coffee house may be in hot water over recent allegations that it denied a Colorado man a job after his background check returned inaccurate information.  He is suing the chain for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In March of 2016, plaintiff Jonathan Santiago Rosario claims Starbucks denied him a job […]

The State of Marijuana

The only thing bigger than Presidential nominees Clinton and Trump on 2016’s general election ballots was marijuana. Going into the election, only four states and one district had legalized recreational marijuana: Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C.  This represented about 5% of the population of America.  Meanwhile, twenty-five states had some form of […]

Speaking with an Expert: BRB Publications CEO – Mike Sankey

As background screening providers, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) pull information on prospective employees and tenants from a wide variety of sources.  BRB Publications is one such source of information; in fact, it is the nation’s premier publisher of reference sources and websites used to locate public records, according to its website and its founder and […]

2016 Alzheimer’s Music Fest

The Cedalius Group is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 5th annual Alzheimer’s Music Fest in Duluth, Georgia, and we would love to tell you a little bit about it. Vince Zangaro never intended to be a family caregiver.  In his early 20s, he had a good job with Hot Topic, a retail chain […]

Texas Lawsuit Challenging the EEOC’s Guidance on Criminal Background Checks is Still Alive

In 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued guidance to employers urging them not to use blanket hiring rules against applicants with criminal convictions in their past.  The logic is that such hiring practices could violate Title VII if they “create a disparate impact on particular races or national origins.”  Instead, the EEOC suggested, […]