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Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Kids

Summer is right around the corner, and for many kids all over the country that means just one thing: camp.  Whether your child opts for swimming, music, science, art, or sports, you want to know that they are safe.  But how can you know that for sure?  A recent investigation by the Atlanta Journal Constitution […]

Wanted: Dead or Alive?

“What we were finding is that people that were over 112 years of age, were opening up bank accounts.  And it got us suspicious and we found that 6.5 million [people were] not recorded as being deceased in SSA’s records.” –Patrick O’Carroll, Inspector General for the Social Security Administration Scott Pelley, a correspondent for CBS’ […]

Making the Grade

In Georgia, a teacher’s license was revoked after it was discovered that he exchanged sexual texts and photos with a female student. A Florida teacher found herself suspended after she was charged with battery against a 6-year-old in her classroom. NBC’s television show To Catch a Predator caught a Texas math teacher trying to meet […]

Former USIS Employees File Suit

In September 2014, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management terminated all of the contracts belonging to U.S. Investigative Services (USIS), a major background screening company for the government.  The contracts were ended due to a massive security breach of its Homeland Security Department personnel files, affecting some 21 million people, some of whom had top […]

Big Data is a Big Deal

We live in a time when we are all connected in more ways than are imaginable.  Our habits are under constant scrutiny: what we buy, how often we buy it, how we drive, where we go, the sites we visit on the Internet…and on and on and on.  Big data is here, and it isn’t […]