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2016: Now Trending

In 2015, the business world saw trends including a widening skills gap, workers leaving the corporate world, more instances of automation and outsourcing, and increased pressure on companies to “tighten their belts.”  Opportunities were opened with millions of Baby Boomers retiring, students chose degrees that would translate to jobs, and there was a great deal […]

Fallout Continues in Wake of OPM Data Breach

In early June of 2015, two major security breaches at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) resulted in the personal information of nearly 21 million people being compromised.  The problem, as alleged in lawsuits filed since the breach, is that OPM failed to take measures to correct “significant deficiencies” in its security protocols where the […]

CFPB Lowers the Boom on Background Screeners’ Shoddy Practices

Getting a job these days is harder than ever.  Jobs have disappeared in droves, either overseas, or rendered obsolete by technology.  Applicants are battling their past mistakes, whether criminal or credit-related, while looking for an employer willing to offer a second chance.  And with nearly 8 million unemployed people competing for 5 million available jobs, […]

Worlds are Colliding: Spokeo and the Supreme Court

In 2010, Thomas Robins filed a class-action lawsuit against a company called Spokeo, alleging that the information in his profile was inaccurate, and that it was harming his potential to find a job and causing him untold emotional and mental anguish.  Spokeo, the people-search website that touts itself as “a way for people to search […]