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Industry Spotlight: Hospitality

When we think of the hospitality industry, we typically think of restaurants and hotels, while overlooking the myriad of other businesses that also comprise the hospitality industry such as theme parks, cruise ships, and event planning companies.  Essentially, the hospitality industry is made up of three broad categories: food and beverage, accommodations, and travel and […]

Background Screening for Nonprofits

Background screening is done for employees in a number of industries, across the spectrum from entry-level positions to CEO.  But what about when the majority of the employees are unpaid volunteers, as is the case with nonprofits? What is a nonprofit? Nonprofits are organizations that deliver programs and services to at-risk and vulnerable populations throughout […]

Using Background Checks? 5 Things You Need to Know

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a vital agency for employment law in this country.  It is responsible for enforcing laws designed to protect potential and current employees from acts of discrimination by the company and its management.  At the same time, the law surrounding employment background and credit checks is constantly […]

Is LinkedIn Giving You Bad References?

It has already been fairly well-established that using social media can be detrimental to one’s employment status. Employees have been fired and/or sued for posting about their current bosses and applicants know that their social media platforms might be reviewed by hiring managers. These are things that can be controlled by the user, in this […]