We are always here to assist you in the process of requesting your background check report supplied by ISB Global, as well as disputing any information contained in your report.  Our expert team is trained to assist you in understanding your background check results and will contact you promptly upon request.


To receive a copy of your background check supplied by ISB Global and/or dispute your report, please complete the form below in its entirety. Reports will be sent within 48 hours of receipt of this form. If you submit this form online, there is no need to call ISB Global — your report will be automatically mailed to you. Re-investigations of information being disputed will begin immediately. Please do not complete this form if you have already left a voicemail message with ISB Global or have been contacted by a representative from ISB Global. If you do not receive your report after 7 business days, please call 404.963.9772.


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