With the job market becoming more and more competitive, applicants have shown great creativity in their attempts to be noticed by potential employers.  In fact, at least 50% of all applicants have been found to have falsified their education and/or employment history when applying for a new position.  The Cedalius Group is committed to assisting you with identifying the right candidate for the right position while weeding out dishonest applicants who lack the credentials you need for productivity.

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Social Security Number Trace

The Cedalius Group offers a comprehensive Social Security Number Trace that returns all current and reported addresses for at least the last 7-10 years on your applicant.  Additionally, all aliases and alternate names are reported.  Known as the foundation of all background checks, this simple, fast, and inexpensive trace identifies pointers for additional background searches based on addresses that develop from the inquiry.  Also, this trace ensures that the candidate’s Social Security Number is not in the Death Master Index, giving you yet another layer of assurance that your applicant is who they say they are.

Consent Based Social Security Number Verification

The Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) goes beyond the basic outline of a candidate’s residence history.  This search ensures that your candidate has supplied you with not only a valid Social Security Number, but their Social Security Number.  The CBSV provides instant verification of the SSN directly through the Social Security Administration (SSA).  This search verifies that the name/SSN combination matches and that the combination is valid.

This is especially important for candidates assigned SSNs since June 25, 2011, when SSN algorithms were changed to help reduce identity theft.  The lack of predictable algorithms makes it impossible to verify SSNs issued past this date, directly impacting candidates who may have been issued new SSNs after a bout of identity fraud.  This would also apply to immigrants who have been assigned new SSNs.

Note: The SSA’s verification of an SSN does not provide proof or confirmation of identity.  CBSV provides only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ verification of whether the SSN was checked against the SSA’s records.  It does not verify employment eligibility nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security verification system.  It will not, alone, satisfy I-9 and E-Verify requirements.

Verifications & References

While background checks are important, it’s also critical in many industries to verify information on a resume, like employment, education, licenses, and references. The statistics on the percentage of false information given on resumes is shocking, so these checks can’t be done halfway. But if you’ve ever hired someone, you know that this task is very time consuming, and most companies don’t have access to the resources they need to do a thorough check. We can help.

Our process covers everything from employment to driver’s license verification and possibly areas you never thought you could check.

Credit Reports

The Cedalius Employment Insight Report for employee candidate screening purposes, where permissible under federal and applicable state laws, providse the financial details essential to your business decisions. These reports can be most helpful when evaluating candidates who will have direct access to or responsibility for financial assets, transactions, or decisions. The Cedalius Employment Insight Reports deliver information regarding address history, credit files, and payment activity for your candidates.